Can You Safely Lipo Breasts to Increase Size and Weight?

Age 62. Height: 4'11". Bra size: 42DD. Not symmetrical. Very uncomfortable, and have been my whole life. Right breast is so heavy. I've spent a liftime lifting, pulling at the bra because the breast falls down underneath support wire. Had a stroke 13 years ago. Take coumadin. Surgeries after stroke for cataract and hysterectomy. Short time under anesthesia. Is this possible for me? How long does it take? Just seeking Liposuction, not entire reconstruction. Need some relief.

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Reductions in high risk patients

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such as yourself can be done but you will need cooperation between all of the doctors involved.  If its safe to be off coumadin for a few days (as you've presumably done for your other surgery), you should be able to consider liposuction or a formal reduction.  You will have to see your plastic surgeon and he/she can coordinate everything for you.  As your risk is considerable, you really have to be motivated to have this done and that you are willing to accept all of the risks including more strokes.  Best wishes to achieving relief.

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Breast liposuction for 42DD breasts

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Maybe. You need to see 4 doctors before having any surgery.

1. Your primary care doctor must clear you for elective surgery.

2. Your neurologist must clear you for elective surgery.

3. A plastic surgeon must recommend the best operation for you. 

4. An anesthesiologist must clear you as safe for elective anesthesia.    

It is worth investigating. Excessively large breasts are misery! Good luck.

Liposuction for Breast Reduction?

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I have several concerns about liposuction of the breasts in your case.  First, in regards to safety of the procedure:  I think you will be considered high risk for any  elective surgical procedure,  given your past medical history and the fact that you on coumadin.  Although the effects of this medication can be controlled/reversed,  I would be reluctant to do so for elective surgery.

Also, given your age and the description of your breasts,  I think that liposuctioning of your breasts will potentially leave you with an aesthetically unacceptable result.  Furthermore, you may find that significant weight is not necessarily removed with the liposuction surgery leaving you with minimal relief.

 For more precise advice, I would suggest an in-person consultation with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.


Liposuction breast reduction

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You haven't stated your weight and if you are overweight then the safest way to reduce your breast size is a weight loss program. With a history of stroke and treatment with Coumadin, I do not think that you would be cleared for elective surgery. Liposuction would produce sagging of the skin, particularly in an older patient and is not likely to create an aesthetically pleasing result or even nipple heights.

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