How Safe is a Vaser Lipo Machine if an Appt Was Canceled Due to Malfunction?

I had a vaser lipo scheduled today in nyc, but I was told that the machine was malfunctioning and needed repair. I had taken the day off from work, took the antiobotics, bromelain, and arnica as directed, lost sleep from anxiety, just to receive the call. I don't feel comfortable getting that procedure done in that office. How about if it malfunctions again during the procedure? Also, the doctor never met with me. I already gave $2,000 as a downpayment and am afraid to cancel and lose my money.

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Anxiety regarding an upcoming surgical procedure

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When in doubt, don't. 

There may be a perfectly straightforward reason the machine was not working, after all, it is only a machine, and machines need maintenance. It is good that the maintenance/repair is being done pre-emptively to make sure it is working well before your surgery.

But the comment you made about not meeting the surgeon is a big red flag.  When have you not had direct contact with a doctor when you are sick or needing medical care.  Perhaps a PA in an Ob-Gyn practice, but you have always established a doctor-patient relationship first with the doctor.

This is surgery, and one of the primary purposes if a consultation before surgery is to reassure yourself that  you and the doctor are on the same wavelength, preferably that you like the doctor as well as think they are competent. I would be astounded if you said you were getting your surgery done by a surgeon who is board-certified in Plastic Surgery.  Since you have not established a doctor-patient relationship by an in-person consultation I don't see how you could have any risk of losing a deposit.

In any case, don't worry about the money, do what you think is right and the money issue will sort itself out later.

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How Safe is a Vaser Lipo Machine if an Appt Was Canceled Due to Malfunction?

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Your question and statement are quite troubling. Look, any machine can breakdown and need repair. It is unfortunate it happened on your day of surgery. In my 34 years I can say this has happened only a few times. What I do is schedule these patients ASAP to my and their schedules. If it can be done otherwise I offer FULL REFUND! But in your description YOU NEVER MET THE SURGEON! WOW very dangerous!!! ARe you at a Clinic or Marketing Center as a conveyer belt patient? NEVER I say NEVER have ANY SURGERY preformed with out meeting the surgeon way before the operation. Check out his qualifications, boarded in PS? Maybe if you lose a deposit or even the $2K you might have saved yourself a lifetime of unhappiness from a poor result. Please inform us of the center you went to and the surgeon, it will be of interest. 

VASER is safe but lipo can be done without it

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VASER is a technology that uses ultrasound energy applied into the fat before liposuction removes the fat. It might help in areas where the fat tissue is more dense like the hips, and might help tighten skin a tiny bit but neither ultrasound or laser is necessary for good results with liposuction. The capabilities and experience of the surgeon are more important. However, VASER has been around for several years and has a good safety record.

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