How Safe is the Phenol or Exoderm on Asian Skin? How Much Does it Cost? Are There Any Other Effective Peels/Lasers?

How safe is the phenol peel or exoderm peel on Asian skin? About how much does it cost? Are there any other alternatives for refining pores and eliminating fine lines that are long lasting? I cant afford redoing lasers or peels every few months or every year so the key is finding one that has long lasting results. I dont think the TCA peel is dramatic or long lasting.

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Phenol Peels and Asian Skin

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Best to avoid phenol peels on Asian skin.   Very light phenol would be okay but you are better off doing TCA peels and using  a program of Retin A and Hydroquinone ( Obagi or generic version).   Costs are hard to give without seeing you. I am not a fan of laser treatments and never have been.   If you are dedicated to the Obagi type of program you will be surprised at the great results.  Ask your doctor to set up a generic type of Obagi and you will save a bundle.  Costs should be around $70 every 3 months.  Be persistent .  It works.  After 2 years you can go to maintenance of 2 x a week.   Nothing really works well for pores but lines can be nicely improved.  My Best,  Dr C

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