Is It Safe to Use a Sonic Cleaning System if I Have Melasma?

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Melarase and Melapeels for melasma

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Sonic cleansers will work great on your skin.  A result oriented approach to melasma will include some topical creams and facial peels. I recommend the Melarase creams and then perform once monthly MelaPeels. 

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Sonic Cleansing and Melasma

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Hi Coral.  As Dr. Rueckl pointed out, exfoliating with the sonic cleanser will actually help with absorption of the medication.  Just don't overdo it as we have seen consumers that use this device think that "more is better" when it comes to using it.  If you use it too much you will get severe irritation and hyperpigmentation.  Exercise restraint and listen to your skin if it feels irritated and you should do fine.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Sonic cleaning systems and melasma

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I am assuming you mean you want to use a Clarisonic? This system will actually help clean your skin better and allow any medication you are using for your melasma to penetrate better and deeper. So, yes, it's both safe and advisable.

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