How Safe is Smartlipo for the Neck For 16 Y/O? (photo)

hi, i am a healthy, relatively active sixteen year old female who is considering smartlipo for my neck area. there is a lot of baby fat there and as a result the fat kind of "bulges" and it's extremely frustrating. i'm just wondering if it's safe for a person my age? i know it's an extreme course of action but i think i would feel much more comfortable if i just had a normal neck. also, if i do get the procedure, how long would recovery take and what would be the after effects?

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I am not in favor of smart lipo or any liposuction at that age.

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Liposuction and many other procedures at that age are not a good idea.  The skin is still changing and it could end up poorly.  Instead, you should focus on a healthy diet and exercise and see how that does.  Good luck!

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