Safe to Have Sculptra in Same Areas That Have Aquamid?

I have had aquamid injected into my face one year ago which I very much regret now. As I was not informed that it is a permanent filler, I am very worried about adverse effects years from now.

Is it possible for me not to develop granuloma if I have Sculptra or any other fillers, eg; Juvaderm injected in areas that contain aquamid? If it is not safe to combine aquamid with other fillers, what is the next safest option (my face is pretty hollow now)? Will that be fat transfer? Greatly appreciate your advice.

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Combined use of fillers in one location

Aquamid appears to have a respectable safety profile from studies reported outside the USA,. I am not aware of any studies discussing the use of stacked fillers in the same anatomic locale. I would personally have some reservations about using sculptra in the same location as aquamid due to the lack of data.

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Sculptra layered on aquamid

There may not be a reaction between the two products but there could be a delayed infection in the aquamid by stimulation and if a granuloma occurs you wouldn't know which product caused the problem and you would have to avoid both in the future. The same theoretical concern exists wit fat also.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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