Is It Safe to Remove Eyebrow Tattoo if Test Spot Reacts Well?

I had a test spot done few days ago. Is the removal safe, if test spot reacts well and no hair loss is noticed? Is it possible that the ink oxidized after several treatments? Should I still worry about losing my eyebrow hair, even though I didn't have that kind of reaction on the test spot? The laser is SINON Q-switched ruby laser. Is it a good option or should I think about changing to Nd:YAG -laser? The dermatologist recommended that SINON-laser. My eyebrow tattoo is plain brown.

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Removing Eyebrow Tattoo

There is no guarantee that hair will not be affected when doing laser tattoo removal; using any laser could cause minor, temporary loss of some of the hairs. If you haven't had an adverse reaction to the test spot, then you should have very little issues with the actual procedure. “Dr. D”

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