Is it safe to take 2 pills of 20mg twice a day? (photo)

I have mild to severe acne ,I have been on isotretinoin 20mg twice a day for 3weeks but I want a quick solution

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Can I take more Accutane

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Well, it's safe to take that dosage, but you will run out of pills before you can get a new prescription. Your doctor is writing you the correct amount so you can take pills daily and have enough to get through the month before you see the doctor again for another prescription. There's no point in taking the pills more often, or you'll run out, and the iPledge program only lets you get a refill once every 30 days. Stick to the plan your doctor gave you. Don't self-medicate! Taking more meds won't help you - Accutane is a drug that needs to be taken in specific mg over a specific amount of time for an accumulated dosage.

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