Is There a Safe Peel That Can Be Used at Home?

Is there a safe peel that can be used at home used between stronger peels applied by the professionals? If so, which ones involve the least risk but still are effective? Thank you

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Chemical Peeling may be harmful

I don't want to squelch those who are fans of peels, but I have to question their reasons and expectations of long term results.  Chemical interaction with tissues to accomplish desquamation (peeling of dead skin layers) can be effective for those suffering from roughness, flaking, and a buildup of outer skin layers that leave the complexion dull and aged (sort of like old paint).  This condition may be complicated by weather conditions, makeup solvents, sun damage, etc. 

However, for those with reasonably healthy skin, my experience shows that excessive chemical peeling, over the years, can itself weather the skin, create irregular pigmentation, and bring out visible capillary redness.  Be careful with what you apply, even if it helps in the short term, because you have to wear it later.

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