Is It Safe to Have a Mixto Fraxel Co2 Lazering Done After Artecoll 8 Years Ago?

I had some artecoll injected in the lines, along my nose. This was done 8 years ago. Is it safe for me to have a mixto micro fractinal co2 lazer procedure done? I also had a feather lift done as well , 8 years ago and am wondering if the lazer will have any effect on the prolene fibres used? thank you.I do not have a photo to submit.

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MIXTO effect on filler and/or Prolene fibers with FeatherLift

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MIXTO would only have an effect on these if they are superficially located - either from original placement or migration.  To be as safe as possible, you can request that your physician either avoid or only lightly treat those specific areas. 

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