Is It Safe to Have Liposuction Performed Prior to Having Umbilical Hernia Repair?

I went to a plastic surgeon for an abdominal liposuction consultation. He told me I have a small umbilical hernia. I am concerned as to whether I should have this repaired prior to further considering the procedure. I had already scheduled a pre-op visit but I would rather be safe and wait if necessary.

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I believe umbilical hernias should be repaired prior to liposuction.

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I believe that the safest route is to have the umbilical hernia repaired prior to having any liposuction procedure.  While you may get away with not having this fixed and have a great result, what if a small piece of bowel is lurking in your hernia and the liposuction unintentionally perforates this.  You can become infected, septic, and require emergency bowel surgery to have this repaired with devastating consequences.  This has happened in the United States many times in cases where surgeons did not realize a hernia was present.  Thus, if you know one is present, why take the risk?

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Is It Safe to Have Liposuction Performed Prior to Having Umbilical Hernia Repair?

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Thank you for your question and photos. if you are in good health condidate you is possible to have your requested surgery.  

Bulent Cihantimur, MD
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The safety of liposuction in the presence of an umbilical hernia.

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Thank you for the question. In my opinion the safest decision in this situation is to have the hernia repaired first and then proceed with liposuction. If the surgeon was to attempt liposuction in the presence of an abdominal wall hernia he would have to avoid passing the liposuction cannula through the hernia sac. Therefore your surgeon should avoid liposuctioning the area with the hernia. This might affect the cosmetic result. If the hernia sac is violated an infection within the abdomen or abdominal wall may ensue, leading to major complications and possible death. Liposuction is a safe elective procedure in the hands of an experienced surgeon. There is no medical reason for an urgent liposuction procedure. Do what's safe repair the hernia and then undergo your liposuction procedure. Good luck

                                                                                                John F. Farella M.D.



John Farella, MD
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I recommend that you get the hernia fixed first before having liposuction to avoid serious complications.

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Get the hernia fixed first to avoid the chance of severe consequences that could arise if bowel were injured during the liposuction procedure.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Umbilical hernia and liposuction

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Most plastic surgeons use the umbilicus as one of the entry points for liposuction. Your hernia can cause an unnecessary hurdle and should be addressed. This can be done before liposuction or better yet addressed in the same operation. Many plastic surgeons are able and very good at repairing hernias of the like in the same operative session. 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
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Repair umbilical hernia before liposuction

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I agree with Dr. Sorokin. First have the umbilical hernia repaired and then deal with the cosmetic procedure. Safety should be the first consideration for all concerned.

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