Is It Safe to Try Juvederm if I Have an Allergy to Topical Lidocaine and Possibly Perlane?

3 years ago I had Juvederm injections with no problems. Last year I tried Perlane in the tear troughs and had a reaction 3 months later. It swelled up and my doctor used hyaluronidase injections to dissolve it. I had 2 Juverderm skin tests on my arm without reaction so I decided to try it again. I developed hives almost immediately after she put the numbing cream on my face. Do you think it's safe to try the Juvederm without topical lidocaine? Thank you!

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Is It Safe to Try Juvederm if I Have an Allergy to Topical Lidocaine and Possibly Perlane

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My gut reaction is that you are allergic to all lidocaine - whether it's in a topical format or a suspended format, like the XC or L versions of injectables. Both Juvederm and Perlane are available in formats that don't have lidocaine with them at all so they are just hyaluronic acid. I have seen one other person in my office with this problem and she had no problems when we used the injectable without the lidocaine premixed in, avoided any topicals, and used Marcaine instead of lidocaine to do a dental block. So, it's going to be your call as to what you wish to do, but I would suggest you steer clear of any topical lidocaine or suspended lidocaine products.

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