Need to Ask is Safe in India and What Type of Measures We Have to Take After This Surgery?

I was a body builder and i left mt weight training before 5 years bcause of my busy schedule and my weight goes to 121 kgs. From last six months i have started my trainig (cardio) and loos 10 kgs but i need to loss more in 2 monts. I read about this surgery and want to ask is this safe, many of said that it is not safe. Please suggest.

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Liposuction Safety

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    I perform several hundred liposuction procedures a year, and I have found it to be safe.  However, it should be used to sculpt body areas and not for weight loss. In addition, the total volume suction needs to be held to a reasonable volume.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Is Liposuction Safe?

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Liposuction is inherently a safe surgical procedure.  It is performed tens if not hundreds of thousands of times a year and normally with excellent results and very few permanent complications.  As with all surgery, however, there is a risk of complications.  Appropriate patient selection and careful surgical technique greatly diminish the likelihood of a complication but they do not eliminate it totally.  And early recognition of a problem associate with prompt intervention minimize any complication that does occur.

So, in general, it is safe.  Whether or not it is appropriate for you will depend on exactly what you look like, what you're willing to have done and what your expectations are.  You should ideally go for consultations with several board-certified surgeons near you to see how many of the above principles can be applied in your case.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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