Is It Safe to Fix a Crooked Nose Twice?

My nose slanted to one side due to a deviated septum, and I got it fixed nice and the nose was straightend back to center. Now a few years later it's slanted back again. Is it safe to get it straightened to the center again? I heard that once you get more than one nose job it gets hard to fix. If I do fix it again how can I get it to stay in the center this time?

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Revision Rhinoplasty

It is possible for cartilage to bend back to its original shape. A second surgery can rectify this. A spreader might be necessary to complete the procedure and achieve the desired results.

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Revision Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose

This is an unfortunate long term problem that can occur after rhinoplasty for straightening the nose. A secondary rhinoplasty is definitely possible, but be sure to select a surgeon who is experienced in performing this type of surgery.

How Safe Is It To Fix A Crooked Nose Again


I will have to assume that you have sustained a nasal trauma leading to a crooked nose.

After years since your first procedure, undergoing a second corrective surgery should be safe.

That being said, please remember that commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform the surgery and settling for anything less than that increases the chances of additional corrective surgeries dramatically.

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Is It Safe to Fix a Crooked Nose Twice?

 As long as you are in good health and the nasal tissues are able to undergo a Revision Rhinoplasty, there's no reason that you couldn't have a second Rhinoplasty.  Yes, each subsequent Rhinoplasty becomes more difficlult based on scar tissue formation and surgical alterations to the underlying bone and cartilage.  Bent cartilage has memeory and may at times become crooked once again over the years.  This should be discussed with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon during the consultation.  Hope this helps.

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Crooked noses can be made straigher, even if it's been tried before

Treating a crooked nose is one of the more difficult manuvers in rhinoplasty. Sometimes the cartilage warps back. There are a number of techniques and a variety of sutures and grafts that can be used to straighen a nose that has even been operated on one of more times before. See a revision rhinoplasty expert for an exam and a more precise answer based on their findings.

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It's safe to have a crooked nose fixed a second time, but it's a lot harder.

Fixing a crooked nose is difficult and depends on the reason for the abnormality.  Any re-operation is harder than the original. 

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Revision rhinoplasty

Septal cartilage has "memory".  In other words, it likes to look like it did before re-arranging it.  Secondary surgery to correct the deformity may be possible.  Best to go for a consultation.

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Safe to straighten nose twice

The septal cartilage has a lot of "memory" and will have a tendency to return to it's return to it's deviation. It is safe, now several years after your first surgery, to go back and have it straightened. There might be some additional steps that can be taken to keep it straight.

Revision nose surgery

Thank you for the question. It is safe to have a revision nose surgery. The nose can be straightened to the center again. In your case is has been several years since your first surgery and now the scar tissue and swelling from the surgery has subsided. You need to have your nose evaluated and the appropriate procedure planned.  Best wishes

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Revision of Crooked Nose

Your surgeon will describe what will be done to straighten your nose after examining you. .You can safely have a revision of your previous septorhinoplasty. and expect improvement in the appearance and function of your nose.

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