Safe to Have CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment 3 Years After a Phenol Peel?

I had a phenol peel under my eyes 3-4 years ago, it took a long time for the reddness to go (over 18 months - I have senstive skin). I have also had lots of TCA peels. My main concern is fine lines, wrinkles and I would like my skin a little tighter. Is it safe to have a CO2 Fractional Laser after having all of the above? Many thanks

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Fractional Laser after Phenol peel

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The old mantra was you could do 1 "deep" resurfacing procedure, and that was it.  I believe it really depends on the look and texture of the skin-- so a formal consultation with your Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon is best.

I definitely think, with the advent of fractional resurfacing, these procedures are safe in a patient who shows no evidence of prior scarring (from the phenol peel) and has normal hair follicle structure in the area to be treated.

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