Safe Breast Implants to Make Cleavage

I'm looking to get implants to INCREASE my cleavage. I used to be a 34D until I stopped taking birth control. Since then, I shrunk down to a 34B. I'd like have a D cup. My breasts are somewhat apart, but I'd like to have cleavage (even while in a bikini or nude). Also I am a personal trainer. I need to be able to lift very heavy weights without experiencing any shifting. Should I place the implants above or below the muscle? And, where should be positioned the implants (Vertically and Horizontally)? Thank you for your time!

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Safe Breast Implants to Make Cleavage

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Given you lifting requirements, I would suggest over the muscle and the implatns centered beneath your areola. However you may want to look into fat grafting for cleavage.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Cleavage and best pocket placement

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Cleavage is limited by your anatomy.  If you had cleavage to start, then you probably will have same or more after surgery.  The muscle limits it. If you are a trainer with little body fat, then ideally more soft tissue coverage is important. Unfortunately, under the muscle is best for that but the mucle will flex and the implant will move.  Pros/cons of pocket placement.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Safe breast implants to make cleavage

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You request the most difficult results. So I must think your expectations are unrealistic. Natural appearance with out any displacement when exercising is not really possible. If I had to chose than above muscle high profile salines/silicones. Get 3 opinions.


How to create cleavage

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I will tell you, that practicing in south Florida this is a very common request.  I see many personal trainers with very little body fat and a large amount of muscle.  The problem in putting the implant under the muscle is that it does move on exercise even if you divide some of the muscle.  If you put it over the muscle there is less tissue and more chance of capsules or rippling.

In spite of this after reviewing the risk and options, I do recommend going over the muscle with silicone on fitness trainers and professional athletes so as not to disturb the muscle.  As far as the cleavage, using the implant that fits the chest wall and you skin envelope is what's important.  The implant doesn't create the cleavage, the surgeon technique combined with the right implant is what creates cleavage.  No implant however will make up for the need to have a mastopexy or lift if that is what's needed.

At this point in time, silicone implants come only in round so there is no vertical or horizontal.  With the new cohesive implants there will be shaped implants available, but the FDA has not yet released them.

Breast implants in athletic women: balancing issues of size, cleavage, and coverage

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Your question has several parts and there are important trade-offs to balance. Cleavage is the simple part: the implants need to be of the correct diameter regardless of size. That may mean low or moderate profile and will depend on your measurements and the volume you want.

What gets tricky is implants for athletic women, because they tend to have low body fat and so need better coverage, which the muscle provides. However, animation distorion when flexing the muscle can be severe. A lot of it relates to the dual-plane technique which involves cutting the muscle, so a split muscle technique is often a good solution because no muscle cutting is involved but you still get coverage over the upper part of the implant where it is most important.

Another option is subfascial, which is very common everywhere except the U.S. where relatively few surgeons are doing it. 

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants over the muscle for weight lifters.

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Under the muscle, breast implants jump when you lift weight.  I suggest moderate size, round, smooth walled, moderate plus profile, cohesive silicone gel implants over the muscle.  Cleavage is achieved by good technique, not by any particular implant.  So put yourself in the hands of a plastic surgeon you trust.  Also make sure you don't need a breast lift.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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