Is It Safe to Get Breast Implants and Butt Implants at Same Time??

Hi I am looking at getting breast implants and butt implants at the same time. Would this in anyway compromise the healing process or effect the positioning of the implants. Thank you.

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Breast and Buttock Implants at Once

It is indeed possible, and I have done it many times, to have breast and buttock implants done in the same operation.  It is a little more cumbersome for patients to get comfortable post-operatively for the first week but I think most patients would prefer this inconvenience over having to undergo two separate recoveries associated with two different surgeries.  When patients have this combination of procedures they tend two find it most comfortable to rest/sleep on their backs with extra cushioning under their lower back and buttock.  Probably most importantly is to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in placing the buttock implants under or within the gluteus maximus muscle  because relatively few perform a lot of these procedures.  Best of luck...RAS

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Breast Implants and Butt Implants

Yes you can have Breast implants and butt implants at the same time.

The important aspect is to totally seperate the two surgeries. That is do the butt implants first, turn you on your back, change the instruments and the sterile field completely then do the breast implants. This is done so that no cross contamination occur. Post operatively close follow up, antibiotics, regulate bowel habbit starting preoperatively, strict personal hygiene after bowel movement. Require help after surgery so have members of the family to help. Waterproof all incisions.

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