Is It Safe to Have Breast Implant for Someone with a Congenital Scoliosis? (photo)

I've been diagnosed with a congenital scoliosis at age 4. I have a 25% gibbosity. I'm now 23years old, 5foot tall, 115pounds and I'm a small 32B. I'm getting 400cc on october 9th and i'm wondering if the implants are gonna make me look bulky or thick because of the bump on my back. Is it going to make my scoliosis more obvious?

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It is very common for us as plastic surgeons to treat patients with chest wall asymmetries and issues like scoliosis.  So go for it!  I'm sure you will love your results!
Best of luck.

Dr. B

Scoliosis and breast augmentation

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Patients with scoliosis do undergo breast augmentation. It should not prevent you from having this procedure.

Breast implants and scoliosis

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Hello,it is completely safe to have a breast augmentation with a congenital scoliosis.  I do not envisage any issues or problems and it should not exacerbate your back problems.

Good luck with the surgery.

Stephen Salerno

Yes it is safe

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Yes it is safe, however you need to keep in mind that you have a significant orthopedic problem and the weight of the implants is almost 2 pounds, this could exacerbate any symptoms you have, now or in the future.

the good thing about a breast augmentation is that you will have an enhancement of your breast which probably will make you feel much better about your body

be sure surgeon is an ABPS certified plastic surgeon, member of the ASAPS even better.

Is It Safe to Have Breast Implant for Someone with a Congenital Scoliosis?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Yes, you should be able to undergo breast augmentation surgery without “making scoliosis more obvious”. However, your plastic surgeon should be prepared to handle some degree of chest wall asymmetry present;  the use of different sizes (volumes) and/or profiles of breast implants may be helpful in the attempt to improve symmetry ( if asymmetry is present).

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the outcome of the procedure performed.

Breast augmentation and scoliosis

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I don't think breast augmentation is going to affect your scoliosis at all. The front of your chest wall, like your ribs, may also be a bit curved and asymmetric though. This means that you might need different size and profile implants. Good luck.

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