Is It Safe to Do Breast Augmentation, Mastopexy and Inverted Niple Correction Surgery All at Once?

Is it safe to do bilateral breast augmentation, mastopexy and inverted niple correction surgery all at once? I would like it done all at once, but have been told it might be too much in one surgery and increase the risk.

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Breast augmentation and mastopexy combination procedures

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If you are a good candidate for the procedures, the breast augmentation and mastopexy procedures can be combined. The risks and revision rates are higher for combination procedures, but certainly can be done safely in most cases. Every surgeon is going to have a different skill set and confidence level in this particular area. Be certain that your surgeon is board certified and is able to demonstrate his/her results with you in the form of before and after photos. The nipple inversion correction should be completed as a second procedure, but can be done in the office with local anesthesia for most patients. 

Is It Safe to Do Breast Augmentation, Mastopexy and Inverted Niple Correction Surgery All at Once?

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It would be helpful to see photos in order to answer this properly. 

Most surgeons feel that it is usually safe to do a lift and enlargement at one setting, though some prefer separate operations several months apart. One of the issues is depriving the nipple and areola of sufficient blood supply. 

Adding a correction for inversion adds further risk of that problem. Also, there are patients with "minor" inversion that is corrected with implants. For those two reasons, I would favor holding off on the inversion correction. It can be performed in the office under local anesthesia at a later date if needed, with no real down time.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Saftey Factors Involving 3 Procedures

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Although all three procedures can certainly be performed at the same time, I personally would delay the nipple treatment until later for three reasons. Healing is a concern depending on how far the nipple is moved and how tense the closure may be. Secondly, a minor nipple inversion may be helped by the other two procedures to the point where the patient no longer wants or needs a nipple procedure. Finally, it is well documented that the ducts from the breast near the opening on the nipple contain bacteria. The last thing anyone would want is a post op infection, especially when implants are used. Safety is of critical importance in elective cosmetic surgery and risk of complication should be far less than for necessary surgery both elective or urgent. Getting away with something is probably not in the patient's best interest.

Yes in right, experienced hands

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Many patients decide to proceed with multiple procedures at once. It all makes sense for many reasons. First of all it is all about your breast. Second, you have the opportunity to do all procedures under one anesthesia and take advantage of one recovery time.  Please make sure to ask your surgeon about the detailed instruction as far as how to get ready for your procedure and what is involved during the recovery time. As long as you follow your doctor’s directions you should be just fine. If your doctor knows how to deal with it it should be fine

Is it safe to combine #BreastAugmentation, #Mastopexy & Inverted Nipple Correction? ANS:

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It certainly is possible and I have done it multiple times without any problem but there is always the question of circulation to the nipple. Most of the corrections of inverted nipple do compromise the blood supply just a bit anyway so an even safer thing to do is have that part of it done in the office at a later time under just local anesthesia maybe 3 months or so after your lift...

Breast lift and augmentation can be done together

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Breast lift ( mastopexy ), breast augmentation, and correction of inverted nipples can be done at the same time. However, it depends on how much lift needs to be done and who it is being done on. Younger women who do not smoke and need less lifting are ideal candidates.

The safety of concurrent breast lift augmentation and nipple inversion correction

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Being trained on newer techniques and then using those on many patients makes me feel comfortable performing concurrent surgeries. Although a staged approach is always "safer", it is not always better. I find I get very nice and predictable one-stage results. The type of breast lift and the extent of "lifting" that is done would affect the risks of surgery. For instance, a patient who undergoes a vertical breast lift with submuscular conservative breast augmentation and inverted nipple correction is taking much less risk than a patient who requires a full lift and wants to go with larger implants subglandular. In other words, a conservative approach is always safer. Some patients would be advised to two-stage the surgeries but most could do them simultaneously.

Kevin Rose, MD
Provo Plastic Surgeon

All Together, Unless..

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I recommend that if in my patients need all three procedures then they do them all at the same time. Less cost and less down time. If however, you cannot decide on the nipple reduction, then proceed with the breast lift and augmentation as the nipple surgery can be easily perfomed in the office under local anesthesia at a latter date. My motto has always been ,"When in doubt, don't". 

Breast aug, lift and nipple correcion done at once

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Dear DJ,

Ofcourse its safe to do all these at one time. Many times nipple inversion will resolve on its own with implants. The weight of the implant usually 'pops' them right out. If not, you may risk nipple numbness if you have them surgically corrected. Best to discuss this possibility with your PS to see if you want to pursue. I have found that the risk of numbness is 50/50 if surgically released.

A word of caution if you are having a vertical lift in combination with your augmentation. The vertical incision weakens the lift and with added weight of the implant will cause rapid descension of the implant and possible bottoming out. There is a new technique called the Mini Ultimate Breast Lift that can lift and reposition your existing breast tissue directly over small submuscular implants to give you a natural, perky and more rounded appearance. There is no vertical scar or inframammary scar. The only scar you will have is around the areola. The lift is more permanent with less scarring.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Dr. H

Breast implants, breast lift, and nipple correction in one operation

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Everything depends on the physical exam.  If you have sufficient breast structure and do not have risk factors such as smoking or diabetes, it is reasonable to combine a breast lift with an augmentation.  I think it is probably best to do the nipple correction separately, as there might otherwise be too much undermining of the nipple, which could compromise circulation and healing.  Often the nipple procedure can be done under local in the office, so you don't have to go through another general anesthetic.

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