Is it safe to get botox injections before a lung transplant?

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Botox and a Lung transplant

This is a question for the physicians doing your transplant, but I would probably say that it is an unnecessary risk.

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Botox Before Lung Transplant

Hi Dmlentini,

Generally, it is safe to have botox injection at least 1 week before a lung transplant. 
I perfectly understand that for someone who regularly has botox injections, they cannot afford to miss one session because that would mean laying in the recovery bed with friends coming to visit and the patient having wrinkles and feeling self conscious. My advise is, if it will help you feel better about yourself in preparation for the surgery and during your recovery, you can have it because it's safe and it's not contraindicated for the surgery. 

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Botox before lung transplant

I agree with the other physicians that it is not inherently unsafe but why?  You should be focusing on getting ready for this major procedure, not diverting yourself with thoughts about facial wrinkles.  The anti-rejection drugs required may cause changes to your face so I would recommend waiting.  Best of luck with the transplant!

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Botox before transplant surgery

As someone who has done lung transplant surgery in my previous life, I would tell you to focus your energies on getting ready for your transplant surgery - walking, doing leg exercizes, practicing deep breathing to help lung expansion, physiotherapy, etc and forego getting anything like Botox. Even though you can get Botox and it won't interfere with your procedure, nobody in the transplant team really cares about your wrinkles. The focus is to get the transplant done successfully, getting you out of the hospital and in pulmonary rehab without incidence or complications Focus on your upcoming surgery as it is a once in a lifetime gift of life. Good luck. 

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From a safety standpoint, it's ok...but from

a practical standpoint - the closer you are to the transplant, the shorter the duration of the apparent effects might be...there will be a lot of stress your body undergoes with the surgery and the drugs used to treat the potential for rejection...this generally takes a toll on the if the surgery is in the near future, why not wait and go for botox afterward...on the other hand, if the surgery is 2-3 months off...well, that's another story...good luck in any case

Ken Landow, MD
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Botox safe before surgery

Botox injection would be safe prior to lung transplant. Botox is taken up very quickly into what is called the neuromuscular junction (a microscopic area that is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses to muscles) so there is no systemic (whole body) absorption or effect. Good luck!

Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD
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