Is It Safe to Get a BBL with a Breast Augmentation?

I want to get a brazilian butt lift along with a breast augmentation but I don't know if I should do them together (if it's safe) or if I should separate them? Because I went to see a surgeon and he said I'm able to combine them and that he was able to put 700ccs on my buttocks but will it make a difference on me since I'm only 4'11"and weight 123 lbs?

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Yes, Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation can be performed at the same time.

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Thank you for your question and the photos.

Yes, Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation can be performed safely at the same time.

To be sure, see two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.  I hope this helps.

Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation

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I routinely perform breast augmentation with a Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure usually takes about three and a half hours to complete, which is considered safe for a healthy individual. Early on in my practice I always separated these two procedures for fear of squeezing the injected fat, but I soon learned that this is not an issue. The amount of fat that you will need depends on your body shape and desires, but 700cc is not an unusual amount of fat to be injected. You should not worry too much about the volume of fat that can be used, but more about the experience and board certification of the surgeon.

Jaime Perez, MD
Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Is BBL and breast aug together safe?

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It can be done safely with an experienced plastic surgeon in a fully staffed O.R. but we wouldn't do them together at Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery and we are very experinced and have an accredited O.R. One of the most important things you learn with experiece is what not to do and when not to do it!    Dr Foster


Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift

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Dear Shorty7,

For most healthy females, it is possible to perform a breast augmentation and BBL at the same time.  Recovery is a bit challenging since you will not be comfortable laying on your buttocks or on your breasts for extended periods of time for a few weeks.

700cc's per buttock(1400cc's total) sounds like a lot of fat to harvest from someone with your measurements.  Remember, the fat that is transferred must be harvested and then processed to remove the excess fluids and non-viable fat cells and other tissue wastes.  This is why the amount removed does not equal the amount injected.  It is important to remember when harvesting fat for a BBL to avoid taking too much from one area and causes a defect or contour issue. 

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your goals and concerns.  Hope this helps and best of luck.

Combining brazilian buttock lift with breast augmentation

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Provided you are in good overall health, it is safe to combine a brazilian buttock lift with a breast augmentation. The total time for the procedure should be in the 3-4 hour range which is considered safe in a healthy patient. You also need to consider that you will not be able to sleep on your stomach or your back for a few weeks after surgery-just on your side to avoid damaging the fat cells in the buttock.Based on your height and weight it may be difficult to obtain 700 ccs of fat for each side but it doesn't take a huge amount of fat to make a noticeable difference in your contour.I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to review your medical history and discuss the procedures in detail.

Best wishes,


Brazilian Butt Lift

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Injecting 700 cc of pure cleaned fat into each buttock will make a good difference. In general one is limited to the amount of fat that your body have in excess and can be liposuctioned without leaving defects and deformities.

Brazilian Butt Lift can be combined with Breast Augmentation. However it is very important to plan for positioning of the patient during surgery and the sequence of procedre so that there is minimal pressure on the breast implants when in the prone position and minimal presuure on the buttocks wheb in the supine position.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Combining Breast Augmentation with Brazilian Butt Lift CAN be done... But should it?

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Hi there-

As several colleagues have said, I do believe that a healthy young woman could safely undergo a procedure that involved combining a brazilian buttock lift with a breast augmentation. 

Bu the bigger question, and what should be more important to you than whether it CAN be done, is whether this plan would give you an equal chance of achieving a placing outcome that closely approximates your goal as the option of separating the two procedures...

It is my strong opinion that doing these two operations at the same time will almost always, and significantly, compromise your chances of achieving the best outcome in both areas possible by doing so.

The only position you will be able to lie in to rest or sleep if you combine these procedures is going to be on your side- a position that may make our breast recovery more uncomfortable, and which may even alter the outcome of the breast surgery, by placing the weight of your body on your breast implants for prolonged periods. Any shifting onto your belly or onto your back would be even worse.

Bottom line- if you ask me "CAN I do this?", I would have to say yes...

But if you asked me "Is this the smart thing for me to do if I want the very best outcome from both procedures?", I would say absolutely not.

Ask yourself this question- if you combine the procedures because it is easier and less expensive, and you have the operation safely, but end up with breasts that don't look as good as you wanted, and your bottom is also not as pretty as you were hoping, would you consider the decision to combine them to have been a good one? 

It seems to me that when talking about the investment in your appearance that all aesthetic surgery represents, it simply doesn't make any sense to make decisions in a way that lowers your chances of ending up as happy as you could have been (even if those decisions make things a bit less expensive or more convenient).


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I think the Brazilian Butt Lift is a lame procedure.  There have been reports on the fat becoming infected and having to be drained and we don't know how long the fat will last.  I suggest avoiding it.

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