How Safe ALA-PDT+IPL Post Radiotherapy?

proposed treatment for AK 2.5yr post head/neck radiotherap fractionated dose 64Gytotal ;piloseb unit assessed as ok but drierskinPilosebaceous unit assessed as intact, but skin sl drier on the treated side. Small AKs are on forehead mainly , no obvious AK on radiotherapy treated areas. Have had x1 Bowens disease on forehead,treated by shave excision and curettage 2009appears resolved. multiple cryotherapy treatments but AKs keep coming.. ?If Ok best to do in winter?? Journal references?

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PDT can be very effective in treatment of resisten actinic keratoses

I recommend spot application of Levulan or Medvixia with light curretage using the wood end of a cotton tipped applicator.  Incubate overnight and use 20 minutes of Omnilux Red light.  Follow the lesions clinically and biposy any suspicious lesions the survive this treatment.  I have treated many patients with this protocol with excellent success.

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