Is it safe at age 44 to go on Accutane again? I have been on it twice before. (teens then late 20s) (photo)

I have tried many, many, many oral antibiotics over the last 4 or 5 years. Doryx was the last one. That was given by a new derm I have been seeing. Even though I have been on Doxycyclines before and it didn't work. Just as it is not working now! I am sure I have been on every drug ending in -cycline there is!

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Is Accutane safe for older patients

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Accutane is safe for patients in their 40s and older. Many people experience breakouts in their later years, who never before suffered from acne in their younger years. While acne is often associated with teenagers, it's actually something that affects all age groups. Accutane is an effective medication for acne, regardless of your age. Just know that for all medications it takes a minimum of 30 days to START seeing changes with your acne. Don't hope for anything sooner than that or get frustrated. Medications take a long time to work.

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