Is It Safe on Accutane for 18months?

my derma been prescribe me roaccutane 10mg for 1 each for the first 6 months, 3 per week for 2 months, 2 per week for 3 months, and now 1 per week for 7 and half month. is it safe to consume for such long period? i can say my acne has fully recover now. but i am now skeptical to take 1 per week for 7 and half month.

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Accutane dosing

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It depends sort of on why you are taking the medication. There are other purposes that you can take Accutane besides acne, so there are people who will take low dose Accutane even indefinitely. Thus, some people are on lower dosages of Accutane, even for acne, but for extended amounts of time. The requirement is that you take enough mg of the medication, depending on the severity and location of the acne, and depending on your weight, to combat the acne. For patients who had very severe acne, or who need it, there are times when I prescribe that people take it once per week for months, or even longer. This is NOT ideal for females of child-bearing potential though or women who wish to become pregnant. 

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