4 Weeks PO, Thighs Look Larger Now Than At 1 Week PO, Is This Swelling?

Hello. I am 4 weeks post op. I took pic in mirror of my thigh at 1 week and again today and my thighs seem to have ballooned up larger than at week 1. As background, I stopped wearing surgical compression about a week ago and used flexees. I also stopped bromelian. I was so happy with the look at 1 wk but now am feeling worried with the 4 wk look. Is this swelling? What can I do to fix it or hasten swelling reduction if it is due to swelling? I'm dieting and watching my intake! Thank you!!!

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4 Weeks PO, Thighs Look Larger Now Than At 1 Week PO, Is This Swelling? Asked by Ceewoo

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In the posted photos you looks smaller to me. Best to seek IN PERSON second opinions if you are so concerned.//


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Assuming the 4 week photo is the one where you are completely disrobed, you have a nice liposuction result. You might see your surgeon for concerns.

It is not uncommon to swell after liposuction - depending on the garment and exercise.

May I also very respectfully suggest that you protect your privacy in the future by wearing a bikini bottom and showing only the area of concern? I do worry about putting such private photos up on a public site. With best wishes.

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