I had a Tummy Tuck Nov 2015. When standing I had a lower stomach pudge, so in August 2016 i had a revision. (photos)

My stomach skin looked normal after the initial tummy tuck. But after the second tummy tuck my skin looks abnormal. On the left lower side I have darken skin (opposite on photo). I use silicon scar sheets on the tummy tuck scar which I know will lighten with time. On my overall stomach skin I apply (alternate between) coconut oil or Palmers Skin Therapy oil & use my therapeutic Wahl brand massage wand daily. I also had a breast lift with initial tummy tuck (no questions ok that procedure).

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Revision tummy tuck

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appears to be healing well... but you do have some discoloration of your skin and you should ask your surgeon about it.  It could be hemosiderin deposits from bruising and in most cases, will go away.  If it doesn't, lasers can help but then it could leave the area lighter in color so be cautious with whatever you decide to do for yourself.

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Revision tummy tuck didn't work out very well

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I am sorry you are concerned about your tummy tuck revision result. It is early in your healing and it will be another 4 months at least before you see your final result. Using 100% shea or coconut butter on the dark skin is likely to slowly lighten it.

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