Hi , I just had surgery last Tuesday . I had bladder complications and am questioning negligence of how that came about? Advice?

I had breast augmentation , low bleph, lipo to chin,nose ,back ,both arms and in my abdomen fat was injected into my butt After surgery nurses were to have me pee before I go home. I couldn't, wound up trying for five hrs ,my dr had me Go to his office to put a cathader in, drained me took it out home to have more issue .I had to push to drain my bladder for any relief . I went to the ER .they sent me home with a cathader . Could this have been all the nurses fault? Or would this happen anyway?

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Inability to urinate after surgery

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The inability to urinate after surgery it's not uncommon. It is unlikely that the nurses, surgeon or anesthesiologist did anything wrong. This is a normal physiological response to long general anesthetics. It was your body that was unable to urinate after a general anesthetic. Nobody did anything wrong. Simply a side effect of general anesthesia. It would've been nice if one of the medical professionals who took care of you during your postop care would've explained this to you. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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