My stomach is protruding and my hips bulge out. Does this look normal? (Photo)

6 months post tummy tuck with hernia and diastasis recti repair. I thought my tummy would be flat but it sticks out along with my hips. Ive been working out but my stomach doesn't seem to be getting any flatter. What do you recommend?

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6 months after tummy tuck

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Normal is a very subjective word. This may be normal for your anatomy.  I would recommend you review your pre-operative and post-operative photos with your plastic surgeon.  

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Any improvement over where you started from

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would be considered normal.  My patients all know that tummy tucks come with the need for revisions if perfect is desired.  And in my practice, perfect rarely comes from one procedure.  Without knowing where you started from, no one can provide you an opinion as to whether your results are 'normal'.  Trust the surgeon you chose and express your concerns so you can get the needed reassurances you seek and focus on healing, which is really all you can really do at this time.  If your results are not to your satisfaction, you can discuss your concerns with your surgeon and he/she can provide you options on how to make things better.

Curtis Wong, MD
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My stomach is protruding and my hips bulge out. Does this look normal?

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When there is abdominal protuberance before your tummy tuck due to visceral fat, this protrusion may persist even after repair of the rectus diastasis. Sometimes the best way to improve the shape of the abdomen and hips in this situation is through additional weight loss. Thank you for sharing your question and photos. Best wishes.

Dr. Gregory Park

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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