Do skin issues affect breast augmentations? (Photo)

I have eczema which is semi controlled, would it prevent a surgeon from performing the surgery?

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Skin issues and Breast Augmentations

I have had patients with eczema who have successfully had breast augmentation surgery. If it is controlled, and directly in the area of the incision, you would be okay. During your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, make sure to discuss your eczema as well as the location where it is typically located. 

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Skin issues can impact breast augmentation

and as mentioned by others, any infection of you skin should make one pause before going ahead with surgery and certainly anything occurring on the breasts would be a contraindication.  As for chronic issues such as eczema, that is not considered a contraindication, especially if the incision is away from it and the eczema can be isolated during surgery.  Poor skin quality can lead to excessive stretching too... but you should be able to have your procedure as desired.

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Skin issues

Hello, skin issues can affect your breast augmentation surgery.  For example, you have a rash or open wounds around the breasts near the time of surgery, you might have in increased risk of infection.  Your surgeon will be able to discuss the potential impact of your skin issue on breast surgery.

Do skin issues affect breast augmentations?

Eczema in and of itself is not a contraindication to breast augmentation. Generally, it would not be recommended to place  incisions in actively involved skin. Also the presence of an skin infection may require a delay in surgery until the infection were adequately controlled. Your surgeon can work with you on these issues to maximize control of the eczema prior to surgery and during the perioperative period. 

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Do skin issues affect breast augmentations?

Thank you for your question. Eczema is a common skin condition and should not affect your desire to have breast augmentation. As long as the skin is not immediately involved in the area of the incision for surgery, you should not have a problem.

Best of luck!

Eczema and breast augmentation

As long as you do not have any eczema in the chosen location for the incision, you should be able to have a breast augmentation.  Hope that helps - 

Eczema and breast enhancement

You should be good for a breast enhancement as long as the skin areas around the operative field are not infected.  The main concern that surgeons have when placing an implant is that they don't get infected from any break in the skin, or any local infection from skin irritation.

We have operated on patients with eczema successfully and I'm sure your surgeon will be able to as well. 

Good luck to you.

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Thank you for your question. Eczema is a very common skin condition and should have no effect on the outcome of your surgery. Be sure to bring your concerns up when you are meeting with plastic surgeons.  Best, Dr. Kludt

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Eczema keep you from surgery?

Hello. Eczema should not prevent you from having the operation, but you should work towards keeping under good control in the breast area. If not well controlled it might delay the timing of the surgery. 

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Eczema and Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery should not be affected by your eczema.  It is always best to consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you, but eczema is a fairly common skin issue, and in general it has no bearing on if a person can have breast augmentation surgery or not.

Good luck.

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