Why would silicone implants placed in me have two different lot numbers?

In reviewing the paperwork for my McGhan silicone implants that were placed in me in 1990, I see that they were not made as a pair. Although they are the same style and size, the lot numbers are significantly different - one begins with DG and the other with EA. The surgeon is no longer alive to ask this question to. Why would that happen in a surgical setting?

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Lot numbers on breast implants

Most surgeons will have a large inventory of implants available to them. When selecting implants for an individual patient they will be sure to have the proper manufacturer, style, type, and volume. Implants of different lots will be comparable so this generally not a priority. As it has been over 25 years since your surgery I would suggest a routine followup visit to a plastic surgeon. 

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Lot numbers on implants

The issue of lot numbers can be confusing . However implants are not made in pairs. That is to say a lot is not two identical implants designed for one person Implants can be placed which are the same size and style but different lot numbers. This is quite often the case. It does not affect the quality of  your results at all 

Andrew Kaczynski, MD (retired)
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Different lot numbers

Hello, it is not uncommon for two implants intended for the same person to have different lot numbers.  There is no protocol for ensuring that each person gets implants from the same lot, and this should not have any impact on the surgical result.

William Andrade, MD
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Lot numbers

only mean that those implants were done at the same time... in the process of distributing implants, the same style and sized implants can easily get mixed with different lot numbers.  Your product is technically the same but just not made at the same time.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Implant lot numbets

Thank you for your question.  Breast implants are not made in "pairs". The manufacturers will make many implants of the same size at a time and these implants are all given the same lot number. When I get a shipment of implants the lot numbers usually match but then they get put on the shelf, sometimes next to the same size implants from a previous order with a different lot number. When my nurse pulls two for a case the important thing is to get the right sizes and profiles.  The lot numbers really don't matter other than for tracking purposes. 

Lars Enevoldsen, MD
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