Will I need to go in for scar revision a second time to help reduce the thick scars on the underside of my boob? (Photos)

My first surgery resulted in unsightly scars on my right breast, the practice took my steri strips off only a couple of days after surgery. This time they did the same thing except at the advise of the surgeon my mother works for and my preop nurse I asked for the PA for steri strips to be placed back on for another few weeks, they declined but after calling back they gave me a couple to cut, I did and placed them over my scars except the bottom 1/2 in where I didn't have enough and now this...

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Scars on Breasts -- Laser, Microneedling, Medical Tattooing

Lasers, medical tattooing and combination treatments can be used to improve scarring. I suggest you see an expert in lasers and scars. Best, Dr. Emer

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Surgical scar revision lasers

I would suggest a combination of Plato's Scar Serum, Melarase creams, fractional laser, and IIT to help smooth your scars before surgical scar revision options are discussed. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
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Sacramento boob scar revision (Photos)

Dear Newbewbz

My thoughts-

1- Wait to see how the scar matures...
It will likely fade of over the course of a year to a paler less noticeable skin tone at which point your breasts will have softened and relaxed taking tension off any revision resulting in an even finer line scar.

2-  Wear steri strips for 3 weeks postoperatively or surgical tape-  This is what I recommend for all my patients as it again takes tension off the repair site limiting the spreading of the scar.  You are correct.

3.  It appears as though you have undergone a lift and augmentation.  Part of the problem with this operation is that you are trying to do 2 fundamentally opposed things.  An implant is pulling at the skin you are trying to pull tight around the breast.  Although you can see it can be done.  Wide scars frequently result and it is part of the reason I often stage the procedure with a lift first then an implant with any necessary scar revisions for best and safest outcomes...

Warm Regards,

Dr Quinton Chivers 

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