Revision Rhinoplasty accompanied by fear & anxiety. My nose kinda looks the same, or does it? (Photos)

Initial rhino to correct repeated childhood facial trauma and low self-estreem. Revision rhino for nasal asymmetry, bulbous tip, bridge widening from my initial work and low self-esteem (pattern anyone). Steroids conservatively admin'd one side at a time at 4th month and then two weeks later. Per MD there was a lot of scar tissue from my initial surgery especially around the removed implant Cartilage was used at the tip of my nose to "give it some shape." Progressive pictures.

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Fear and anxiety after revision rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure to perform.  Although a revision surgery was performed, on occasion a smaller follow up revision may be necessary.  With your history of nasal trauma, surgery,grafting ....., your case may be more complicated.

After reviewing your photos I wouldn't have fear and anxiety.  Your facial motions will distort your nose.  You dorsum may benefit from additional height or manipulation with a smaller surgery.

On occasion a small amount of filler may offer you benefit.  Discuss these issues with your surgeon

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