3 days post-op of implants under the muscle, 420cc saline; now concerned I might have a small hematoma? (Photos)

Post op day #0 I was pretty drugged up to see the difference in boob size. Over the last 2 days I noticed my right Breast harder, higher, and despite pain med I was still a 9/10. Since I'm a icu RN the 1st thing I looked for was for bruising but none. Incision site looked clean and dry. The need for pain meds has decreased but u can see n feel the difference. Went to my ps he mentioned I could have a small bleed but it resolved.Can I have any complications in the future? What else can I do?

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Small bleeds

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do not cause breast mounds to change shape... with your hands (or someone else whom you trust) on your breasts, are the mound near equal in size?  If so, just swelling and need to allow time for healing.  If one is much larger and still much more painful, hematoma is possibility and you should see your surgeon about it if you are experiencing changes from what you were when you saw your PS.

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