Are there payment plans? Will I qualify if I need a hysterectomy? Tampons don't fit...?

I am 43 years old and have had 5 vaginal births all babies were over 8 lbs. I have been told that I have a prolapsed cervix/vaginal canal. Intervourse has almost no feeling and even larger tampons do not stay in place. I have a planned hysterectomy next year and wanted to know if I would still be eligible for this surgery. I live in the Sacramento CA area. I need to know if there are payment plans of any kind since insurance doesn't cover it.

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What type of surgery for my pelvic floor relaxation??

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Yes, your insurance will cover your hysterectomy and repair of any herniations you may have. I would advise to have this done first, and see it it helps your vaginal laxity/no "feeling" issue.

Unfortunately, no gyn's or urogyn's are properly trained to perform a true sexually helpful vaginal tightening operation, building up and tightening the perineum and aesthetically and pleasingly repair the vaginal opening.

In my office in Davis, I see many women who have previously had a hysterectomy (covered by insurance) who now see me (I'm an experienced vaginal tightening surgeon) for a sexually pleasing vaginal and perineal tightening operation (NOT covered by insurance.  See if your local Gyn is specially trained to perform a "Vaginoplasty" and "Perineoplasty" and plastic repair of the opening. If so, perhaps all can be done at the same time under insurance. I am the most experienced genital plastic/cosmetic surgeon in Northern CA, but out office does not contract with insurers. If I did your surgery, your insurance would pay for the hospital, but not my fee. However, if you have a PPO insurance (not a HMO) your insurance would later reimburse you for a sizable portion of your fee. Call our office for details and payment plans, and check out the attached weblink and the Genital Cosmetic Procedures dropdown...

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Insurance should cover

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Thank you for your description. It does sound like you need a hysterectomy as well as proper evaluation for prolapse. These can be done under general anesthesia using your insurance. Once the procedures are done and completed then I would suggest an evaluation for possible cosmetic surgery

Your GYN should be able to do your procedure under your insurance

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and you should talk to him/her about it.  You have a prolapse and its repair is covered by insurance.  If you have issues with how 'tight' you are after, then you can see other surgeons who can advise you but this is not covered by insurance.  If you wish to have less bulk on your labia and don't mind driving 2 hours up I-5, you can save oodles over the going rates in the bigger cities.  My overhead is low and the procedure is done in the office under local.  I've been doing this for over 5 years with experience in both the trim and wedge techniques and run conservative on excisions as revisions can be pursued for minimal costs in pursuit of perfection.  So check around locally, and if excessive, I invite you to contact my office.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse What are my options?

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Hello Military_Life,

Thank you so much for sharing your concerns with us. The history you have provided is very common to produce the problems you are having. Unfortunately the terminology over time to describe the issues and potential options has gotten a little confusing because frequently terms get used interchangeably. Regarding insurance coverage and payment the main distinction is whether the proposed procedure is for a "medical" condition or "cosmetic" concern. Medical conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse (uterine prolapse, cystocele, rectocele, urinary incontinence) that have a negative effect on ones quality of life are typically covered by insurance. On the other hand cosmetic concerns about the look of certain vaginal tissues (i.e. labia) or some tightening desired in the absence of prolapse; via lasers, RF technology or minor surgical correction (perineoplasty) are lumped into the term vaginal rejuvenation and would not be covered via insurance. It sounds as though you have pelvic organ prolapse and would best be served with an in person consultation with an experienced pelvic surgeon (gynecologist/urogynecologist) to assess the level and extent of prolapse only then will you be able to have the information you seek. Be well   

Paul Pietro, MD
Greenville Physician


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From what you are describing you may have a pelvic organ prolapse. This is a medical, not aesthetic, issue and should be covered by insurance. I usually perform prolapse surgery at the same time with hysterectomy. Please talk to your Gyn. Thanks

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