Is it normal for my nipples to be very uneven after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I am 1 week post op today and am very worried about where my nipples are. I have 385cc cohesive gel implants placed under the muscle & because of how asymmetric my boobs were before the PS lowered my left implant so they would even out on top & bottom, I know I'm very early in the recovery phase but my nipples are so far off I'm worried if they'll stay like that or do they at least even out a little bit to where it's not as noticeable. If they don't what can I do to fix this problem.

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Technical issue

Although it is very early after surgery, I think that you are correct in being concerned about the position asymmetry of the nipples.  I think that this is a technical issue that occurred during the creation of the pocket and will require revision surgery at 6 months.

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Uneven nipples

Your nipples are definitely uneven. You should check with your plastic surgeon but any number of events could have caused this. If your ps performs a dual plane aug, one implant may be under the muscle and the other has slippled to over the muscle, it might be from over dissection of the inframammary crease.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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Is it normal for my nipples to be very uneven after breast augmentation?

You are still to early in your post operative healing. In the next six weeks to three months implants will settle and swelling will subside. At this time you will have a more clear idea of how the breasts will look. You should always discuss your concerns with your chosen surgeon. Best of luck. 

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Is it normal for my nipples to be very uneven after breast augmentation?

Given your early post op photo it is necessary to wait 3-4 months and then be able to give you a better answer but the asymmetry is evident in the photos. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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yes you had some asymmetry prep.The early phase makes things look worse before they get better. Stay your course and keep your follow up appts.things will settle and relax,Be patient.

William C. Rigano, MD
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Early post - op results - should you be concerned?

Although your photos suggest that your nipple to inframamary fold distance on the left is longer than the right which has exacerbated the pre-op difference in your nipple position, you are still very early in the post-op period and things may change.  I would voice your concerns with your surgeon.

W. Tracy Hankins, MD
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Is it normal for my nipples to be very uneven after breast augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  Your concern is understandable but your result is completely normal based on your preoperative appearance.  Preoperatively you had a significant difference between your breasts in terms of nipple and inframammary fold position.  If you draw a line straight across from your right inframammry fold to the left side on your preop photo you can clearly see the difference between the nipple to inframammary fold distances on the two sides.  Placement of breast implants will tend to magnify differences between breasts such that very small differences that were barely noticeable before surgery become quite noticeable and in a case such as yours, larger differences can become even more apparent.  This is especially true when on fold is higher than the other one and the surgeon lowers it to be more symmetrical with the other side.  The alternative to doing this would be to not lower the higher fold which would result in breasts that more closely resemble each other but sit at totally different levels making it impossible to not look lopsided.  In my opinion your surgeon did the right thing by lowering your left fold even though you now have this nipple asymmetry.  It may improve slightly as you heal and things settle but you should expect that your nipples will remain noticeably asymmetrical.  If you can not live with that then your only choices would be to elevate your right nipple with a lift procedure, lower your left nipple with a "reverse lift" or a bit of both.  The "reverse lift would leave you with a scar above the areola while a lift on the right side would leave you with a "bottomed out" appearance that would only get worse with time.  In any case you should not do anything for several months in order to allow the breasts to fully heal and settle.

Lars Enevoldsen, MD
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Nipples Uneven After Breast Augmentation?

Great question!  Yes it is very normal for your nipples to be uneven after Breast Augmentation (BAM).  The number one reason for this is, because almost every woman's nipples are uneven before surgery, as yours were.  BAM's basically exaggerate this affect.  Also your implants will and are selling at different rates which also make this look more exadurated.  My guess, is as your implants settle, the unevenness will get back to what you had before surgery!  I hope this helps!

John Millard, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven Results After #BreastAugmentation

From your before photos, it seems you had asymmetry of the breast creases. Lowering the left side (which also had the higher nipple) makes this seem even worse by making the distance from the nipple to fold even greater. This contributes to the differences you are seeing. However, 1 week is far too early to make a judgement on your final results. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.
Best of luck,
Vincent Marin, MD
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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Asymmetry after BA

Hi, thank you for the photo and question, is true that is too early, and still swollen, but there is an important asymmetry.. you should make an appointment with your surgeon

Luis A. Mejia, MD
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