How much would getting my breast done cost? (photos)

I'm 22, I wear a 36 c just cause of the band but don't fill the cup. I'm 160lbs at 5'4, I breast feed two kids and want my big boobs. I want D's maybe 800 cc, whatever looks good for my body but I want to be a full D. I'm going to lose weight before I get my breasts done. I want 800 cc if it looks good on my body, If I don't lose the weight I might want lipo. If I have a fat transfer to my boobs will they be a D cup?

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How much would getting my breast done cost?

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Hello. You will find the costs of breast augmentation vary from surgeon to surgeon everywhere including the Bay Area. The total cost is what you should be looking at which will include the physicians fee, cost of the implants, cost of the surgery center, and cost of the anesthesia. Some plastic surgeons may bundle this in to one fee where others may break it down. Other costs may include lab work, garments, and medications for after surgery. All that being said you will probably find total costs ranging from $4000 on the low end to over $10,000. Be wary of discount prices. If your pay a discounted fee and get an unsatisfactory result you can often spend more than twice that to get things fixed.
Best advice - look around for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with an expertise in breast augmentation. Go in for consultations. Look at before and after photos and ask to talk to previous patients. Select a plastic surgeon you are comfortable with who will take great care of you and has the talent to deliver the results you are looking for. Don't make price the deciding factor but take it into overall consideration.
Good luck! Dean Vistnes.

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Planning future implants

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Thank you so much for your question about breast augmentation.

If a D cup is larger than normal, I think an 800 cc implant will make you much, much larger than that.

The best approach is to lose your weight (good for you for doing this.)
The seeing if you need a lift as well as an implant.
The selecting that implant that looks right for your new shape.

Although fat implants can be very successful, it is not likely they can get you as large as you want to be.

Be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Here’s hoping you find this helpful. Have a great day!

Cost of Breast Augmentation

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The answer really depends on what you are going to have done (and who is going to do it !).  You may not only decide to have breast implants, but may also want / need to have a breast lift as well, especially if you lose weight.  I would estimate breast implants alone will cost somewhere between $ 7500 and $ 9000, while breast implants and a lift can cost up to $ 15000.

How much would getting my breast done cost?

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Hello!  Thank you for your question.  Costs of the breast augmentation procedure will certainly vary depending on your location.  Things to factor in for the surgery standpoint will be the facility fee, anesthesia fee, surgeon fee, implant cost (saline vs. silicone), other fees (e.g., acellular dermal matrix cost, pain pump, surgical garment, etc.), complexity of case/addition of other procedures (e.g., lift or others).  Typically augmentation with saline implants will be ~$1000 less than with silicone implants.  Consultation with a plastic surgeon on the procedure along with quotes is advised, but a range of $5000-10000 is reasonable depending on the factors above.  Hope these answers help!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
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Breast Surgery

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Your best options is to schedule a consultation and examination with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns. Your surgeon will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment options to best address your concerns. Best of luck!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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How much would getting my breast done cost?

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Thank you for your question and photograph.  Based on your photographs and the appearance that you want to achieve, it is likely that you will need a breast lift, areola reduction and breast augmentation with implants.  Cost very according to the city in which you live and the experience and reputation of the surgeon that you choose.  Generally speaking this procedure couldn't cost anyplace from $7500-$15,000 depending on the variables above.

For more information on combining breast augmentation and lift please read the following link:

How much would getting my breast done cost?

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If you want breast size increases of greater than 1 cup, breast implants will be a better choice.  Fat grafting can be used after that to further refine shape and fullness.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

How much would getting my breast done cost?

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Prices vary significantly between doctors and between cities so the only way to answer that is to get a consult. You will probably want an areola reduction as well. Fat grafting cannot get you more than about 1/2 cup size bigger and 800cc borders on ridiculous so be careful with that one.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Cost vary by plastic surgeon and by region. You can expect to pay anywhere from $4500 to $9000. I would be particularly careful with whom you choose. Make sure you find a certified plastic surgeon that can address your unique breast shape and your goals. I would have to examine you but it appears you may have mild tuberous breasts which adds an extra element of correction with augmentation.

I hope this was helpful,

Dr. Daniel Barrett
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Beverly Hills, CA

Daniel Barrett, MD
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How much will a breast aug cost?

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You will be happier with breast implants vs fat injections. While fat injections are great for certain procedures (facial rejuvenation and Brazilian Butt Lift), they won't give you the fullness you want in your breasts. For pricing on breast augmentation with implants by a plastic surgeon in your area, click on the Web Reference link below.

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