Is it possible to have my sub-muscular breast implants removed and continue breastfeeding my 4 month old afterwards?

I have had the implants since 2001. They are under the muscle. I have been experiencing some autoimmune issues. I know that the link between breast implants and autoimmunity has not been proven, but it is worth it to find out. I would really like to address my health issues while continuing to provide my baby with breast milk. Thank you for your help.

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Healing first

You will not be able to breast feed while you are recovering from the explantation surgery.  It will be necessary for you to heal for months first. Pumping on fresh wounds would affect the wound healing in a significant way.

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Is it possible to have my sub-muscular breast implants removed and continue breastfeeding my 4 month old afterwards?

It's a good question and the answer is yes. Your implants and capsules could be removed. You'd need to pump and dump your milk until the medicine/anesthetics have cleared from your body. Let your surgeon and anesthesiologist be your guide through the process. 

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Your implants and capsules can be removed, but your breasts may not return to pre-surgery state. You can continue to pump milk while you are healing, but wait at least one week after stopping all medications before feeding your baby your milk. It might be best to finish breast feeding, and then have surgery. If you have not been checked for food allergies, please be checked. Many autoimmune disorders are caused by or related to food allergies.

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Breast Implant removal (Explant)

If you believe your implants may have something to do with your autoimmune issues and want them removed then, to be complete a capsulectomy is in order. If you wish to continue breast feeding I would pump and dump until you have a clear understanding from your surgeon and your anaesthesiologist when all meds have cleared your blood.

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Breast Implant removal (Explant)

If you plan to remove the breast implants for medical reasons then it is much better to do also a capsulectomy.

This will make the surgery much involved. Wait till you finish breast feeding

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