How long until I can exercise after breast lift with augmentation? Planking, push ups, etc,?

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Return to exercise after breast lift and implants

The length of time for restricted activity may vary depending on the exact surgery performed. This therefore is a question that can be best answered by your surgeon. In general, I personally restrict patients from all strenuous activity for a month following a mastopexy with augmentation. As an added caution, if the implants are under the muscle, I recommend a gradual return to exercises involving the chest muscles. The muscles have been stretched well beyond normal so they have been injured. Excessive use of these muscles may result in extreme soreness and discomfort during the healing process.

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How long until I can exercise after breast lift with augmentation? Planking, push ups, etc,?

Of course is most important for you to follow the specific recommendations of your plastic surgeon.  In my practice after combined breast lift with implants I ask patients to wait 6 weeks before doing the aggressive workouts that you describe.

Exercise after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Always best to check with your surgeon.  In my practice I would advise you to avoid cardio or any activity that increase blood pressure and heart rate for 3-4 weeks.  No heavy lifting (>10-15 pounds) for 6 weeks, and if the patient has implants under the muscle, no pec muscle exercises (push ups, planks) for 8 weeks.  Good luck.  

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Post breast lift with augmentation

This is a question for your surgeon as everyone has different post op instructions and their reasons for them. Contact his or her office, they are your best resource at this time. Best wishes. 

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