Implants alone or lift required? I want natural perky looking full breast, not high pornstar breast under my chin!

So this is not a duplicate I've added goal photos to make my ? More specific. I've recently had my 1st & only consultation & was told I'd need a "concentric mastopexy w/ mini beneli on right breast. I'm concerned with scarring and being unsatisfied with lift results so I'm wondering if I should stage surgery doing impants 1st then lift or can I do implant alone and still have good nip placement & results outside of bra. 1st pic me now, second me breast feeding & the rest are goal photos!

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Mastopexy or not?

Unfortunately your photos are not posted at this time. I can say that if it is possible you would achieve a reasonable appearance with implants alone that there are benefits to beginning with this. You can always stage the procedures and do the mastopexy at a later date if desired.  Many surgeons consider staged breast procedures safer than combining a mastopexy with augmentation.  Performing a mastopexy as a secondary procedure will also give a more reliable result as you are not having to deal with the effects of breast augmentation during the procedure. I hope this is helpful. I will watch for your photos and try to respond further if they appear.

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Implants Alone, or Lift Required?

Thanks for your question. The photos demonstrate some volume asymmetry (R>L), but it appears that your nipple position is above the fold underneath. This usually allows for augmentation alone, without lifting the nipple-areola position. This, of course, would have to be confirmed by your surgeon based on his/her exam. Similarly, the type/style/volume of the implants to be used should be worked-out in your consultation. Based solely on your photos, it would appear that an asymmetric augmentation (two different implant sizes) with submuscular dual-plane technique would work well. Best of luck to you.

Michael F. Bohley, MD
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Implants alone or lift required? I want natural perky looking full breast, not high pornstar breast under my chin!

Unfortunately, your photos seem to have been lost.Unless you have a large degree of ptosis (breast sagging), it's always reasonable to have breast augmentation first and then give it a few months to judge your results. If you desire a lift, then it can be done during a second stage procedure.Separating these two procedures gives you the opportunity to avoid additional scarring/procedures, because many patients will be happy with an augmentation alone.

Austin Hayes, MD
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Implants alone or lift required?

I'm not sure what happened but there are no photos with your question. In general, it is fine to do the augment first and see if you like the results, holding off on any lift for now, but whether or not that is a good idea for your specific situation, we would need to see those photos.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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3-d imaging for breast surgery

thank you for your questions and concerns. I believe the planning is essential for proper results especially with breast surgery and that is why the Canfield Vectra 3-D imaging system for breast surgery is ideal for planning breast augmentation's with or without  breast lifts.  This imaging system can provide a simulation of watch your results can look like with different size implants and different types of lifts.  Is a very good indication of what you can expect by placing smaller or larger implants and doing a concentric left versus a vertical lift. I highly recommend that you see a plastic surgeon that is board certified and has this type of technology at their fingertips. Best of luck. 

Payman Danielpour, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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