I think I have a double bubble? (Photos)

So I had surgery on July 21. 510 CCs under muscle. Started noticing a indent only on one side at the 3 week mark.. I am only about a month out, so I know it isn't that long.. I believe the indent is where my old breast crease was? I don't have a follow up until Sep. and I'm freaking out.. :( I spent my savings on these and I'm sad... Will the breast potentially drop?? Is it too early and I'm overthinking cause my other breast is perfect?? Any opinions are beyond helpful and super appreciated!!

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Double bubble

Thank you for your question.  I can understand your concern.  From your photos it definitely appears that you have a "double bubble".  This happens when the pocket for the implant extends below the original inframammary fold.  It is repairable and you should convey your concerns with your surgeon. He (or she) should discuss with you the options for fixing it. Hope this helps.

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