Gurgling sound. Any suggestions?

I just had BA on 06/28/2016 it's not that sore anymore but when I touch it it feel like there's a gurgling sound on the left side. In addition to that, my dogs jump on it, is it possible it was ripped and leak? Please advice

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Gurgling sound around breast implant

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Gurgling sounds are common during the early recovery period following breast augmentation. It is generally due to a combination of fluid and air trapped around the implant. The fluid is usually either plain saline used to irrigate the pocket prior to closure or sometimes an antibiotic solution that was used for this purpose as well. These should all be absorbed over a period of time. 

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Gurgling noises after augmentation

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is completely normal.  Its the sound the fluid makes as it moves around your implant.  This fluid is reabsorbed and the noise will resolve.  Focus on your healing and your results.  And if the noise doesn't go away, you can always ask your surgeon.

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Gurgling sound after breast augmentation. Any suggestions?

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no your dog could not have ruptured your implants.  It is very common to field gurgling sounds which are simply fluid that has built up around the breast implant or fluid that was injected with antibiotics to protect her implant.  The sounds are very normal and should go away in a few days.

Gurgling sound. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your questions. It is not uncommon this soon after surgery for there to be some air or fluid in the implant pocket that can cause sensations like this. This should resorb with time and resolve. That being said, you should also be very careful during this period to prevent trauma to the surgical area, dog or otherwise. If there is any concern for a ruptured implant, you need to see your plastic surgeon for an exam and possibly undergo imaging to rule out a rupture of the implant. 

Hope this helps!

BA on 6/28/16 with gurgling sound

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Good question.  It is quite normal to have some fluid in the breast pocket, most likely from an antibiotic irrigation solution, that will eventually resolve.  My advice is to be very careful with a dog that may jump on you during the post op period.  Follow-up with your plastic surgeon regarding any possibility of rupture.  Good luck.

Gurgling Post Op

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A small amount of air & fluid in the breast pocket after surgery is normal and will cause gurgling or other strange sensations for a week or two until it is reabsorbed into the body and inflammation begins to come down. I would recommend that you don't let your dog jump on your chest at the moment- follow post op instructions given to you for optimal healing and safety.

All the best

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