Would I look good with a Lip Lift and corner lift of the mouth? (photo)

I'm 31 and wanting to improve my appearance in a permanent way. I'm looking to do this very soon. I am heavily considering a lip lift or possibly something to the eyes. Something to make make them prettier. I would greatly appreciate feedback and any recommendations on drs. Wanting something that looks completely natural and willing to travel for good dr.. Open to any suggestions on procedures as well. Thank you!

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Minor surgical procedures of the upper lip and around the eyes provide the optimal long term results

I think your take is right on - the permanence of surgical corrections around the mouth is the aesthetic surgical optimum in your case. Fine indistinguishable scars hidden under the nose recesses and along the lateral upper lip borders allow lifting of the upper lip, exposing more red lip vermillion and fullness. Around the eye, I see fat grafting volume enhancement of the brow and under eyes/ cheek region framing and shaping the eyes in a more balanced and youthful way. Lip procedures when appropriately chosen restore youthful anatomy much better than that of fillers and blockers.

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