FUE vs FUT hair transplant? (Photo)

What procedure would be best for getting around 2500 to 3000 graft. I wanted to go with FUE hair transplant but the doctor I spoke with recommend I get FUT hair transplant. Since the graft number is kind of high I would get better graft results with the strip procedure. I don't cut my hair small, usually I just cut my hair short on the sides to the point were you cannot see my skin. And finally because usually the FUE procedure is good for people with lesser graft needed.

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Both FUT and FUE are likely viable options for you. It could be that the doctor you talked to is more comfortable with FUT, I would suggest seeing another doctor to see what they think. Most of the time choosing before FUE and FUT is ultimately just up to the patient's personal preference.

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FUE vs. FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE & FUT are both great and effective options for hair transplant surgery. Choosing what is best typically depends on many factors such as how much hair is needed, donor density, patients age, whether patient has thin or thick hair (Hair Shaft Diameter) in the donor zone, and many other factors.  Its important to discuss with a surgeon who specializes in BOTH FUE and FUT/Strip so as not to get a biased answer regarding whats best for you. It depends case by case which option will deliver best results. You wont know for sure until you meet with an expert.

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Earlier on, I performed the FUT technique as well as the FUE, however I began practicing merely the FUE technique using the manual punch in 2004 and have since that time performed the same technique. In my own practice, I have witnessed amazing growth rates in FUE that is equal and surpass those of FUT, even though the amount of grafts that is required is considerably high. In my own personal practice, I use the manual punch combined with a technique that I developed, the DES or Sequential Method. I believe that the manual punch creates less damage to the donor area, thereby increasing the donor capacity in a positive way. Furthermore, it is in my opinion the most effective method to achieve the best overall homogenization that allows for a natural look. 

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FUE is just a harvesting method. It does not relate to results. If you want to keep your hair very short you may want the FUE

FUE is just a harvesting method.  It does not relate to results.  If you want to keep your hair very short you may want the FUE since it leaves "dot" scars versus a "line" scar.

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Hair transplant FUE vs FUT- which one?

In one sitting our office does 2500 plus FUT grafts quite often through strip method.  It is difficult to tell on your photo if one procedure would be better than the other. It is mostly having to do with your personal decision about the area you want restored and whether or not the presence of a linear scar on the back of your head is important to you. It would only be after a thorough exam including a microscopic evaluation of your hair where we could inform you which procedure MIGHT be better.  However, the decision will ultimately be yours. 

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FUE vs FUT hair transplant

I advise you to have a FUE operation of 3000-3500 grafts  (I mean approx. 8000-9000 hair shaft ). we determine frontal hair line and debade with you to decide level of new hairline. We have to shave the donor area hair short, otherwise I can not harvest the grafts one by one. Hair transplantation would cover all bald spot in one session of operation and you would have a good, succesfull result . Operation takes about 6-7 hours under local anestesia.

Hair transplantation result would be natural. Density of hair transplanted area would be % 50 of native hairs . Approximatelly 40-45 greft for each centimeter square will be transplanted to bare area .. There will be no scar or obvious marks nor at the donor area neither at transplantation site.

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FUE ...

It is difficult to assess your donor area in this picture but I would highly recommend FUE over FUT. FUT is just an older method. While it is faster it will leave you with a permanent scar in your donor area alongside with longer recovery time. We now have the technology than enables us to do hair restoration with virtually no scaring.

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I think both FUE and FUT are good options.  However, I recommend FUE for more flexibility in the hair length.  Keep in mind that many doctors are not proficient in FUE and therefore will recommend FUT since its easier.  I recommend you speak with an expert that can offer all options to make a choice that is best for you.  Good luck.

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Dear Zubeir, the number of grafts that can be extracted from your donor area is not determined by which type of procedure you select. FUT implies cutting a strip of scalp from your donor area to then transplant the grafts and this means that you will end up with a visible scar in the back of your head and your recovery time will be longer.

FUE is basically the individual extraction of each graft to be transplanted. When performed with expertise the scars are not visible as the punch is only .08mm. Recovery from this procedure is way faster than with the FUT and there is no need to worry about covering an ugly scar at the back of your head. 

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FUE vs Strip

This is a personal choice after you evaluated the comparisons as shown in the post below.   Dr. Pak and I are the patent holder inventor of two core technologies of the hair transplant robot, submitting two patents in 2003 and getting them issued in 2006. The manufacture of the robot took 4 years to build the ARTAS robot starting in 2006 after the company acquired a license from me.  I am also the modern day inventor of the FUE procedure, doing these FUE procedures longer than anyone in the US, dating back to 1996.  I published the first article on FUE in 2002 and then the rest is history. The reason I invented the robot was because too many doctors failed to perform FUE successfully, which is somewhat the case today. The ARTAS leveled the playing field as far as doing the extractions for FUE. I hold now 17 US patents on various hair technologies and publish in medical journals and medical textbooks extensively.  If you decide you want an FUE, make sure that the doctor you select is an expert in the technique as too many doctor do not do this well.  In my humble opinion, the strip surgery is a better surgery than FUE for many of the reasons I wrote about. 

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