Is it possible for me to have feminine legs? (Photos)

I've always had quite bulky legs, especially in my calves. They have caused a lot of embarrassment and anxiety through the years, and they have only gotten worse with time. I would love to just be able to wear a dress or shorts in the summer but my legs keep me in jeans all year long, even in front of my husband. Please help me! I just want to feel like a woman. Thank you all for what you do.

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Improving femininity of the profile of the legs

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Hi there and thank you so much for your question.

You have been very good  in providing a  number of views of the legs which is very helpful in answering your question.

Changing the contour of the lower legs can be very successful but I would say that it would be very important however that you find an fully qualified plastic surgeon to help address your concerns as the procedure and outcome benefits from experience. As you stand and have to get about on your legs then operations take longer to heal to the final state than in other parts of the body so there can be prolonged swelling with the requirement to wear compression or support stockings for some weeks or even months after surgery. It is also very important to discuss in some depth how you wish the profile to look after surgery as not everyone wants the same shape - be clear that you and your surgeon are singing from the same hymn sheet prior to committing to any surgery. Liposuction would be the most used procedure with minimal scarring to try to achieve your aim; personally I use tumescent liposuction which I think is safer.

I note you mention not just the calves; of course liposuction can be undertaken both in the lower legs at the calves but also in the thighs; there is there also the possibility of thigh lifting but that would be associated with much more in the way of scarring. 

One other option available for the thighs would be Cool Sculpting; there are no protocols at present for the calves.

I hope that you found the information above to be helpful.

my very best wishes 

Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

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