Why is my right eye bigger than my left...?

it never used to be like that... it looks like my skin is covering my eye more on the right

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Eye asymmetry

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You have nice eyes. Having said that there is a very slight asymmetry because the supra tarsal crease on the left is ever so slighltly higher than the right one which makes your left eye appear more open, or bigger. This minor issue is well within the "normal" asymmetries we often encounter. It can be fixed though if you wish but rethink if it really needs to be done before you make a decision.

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One eye bigger than the other

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Thank you forur question. To be able to evaluate your concern, a thorough evaluation of your brows, your eyelid skin, eyelid opening, and cheecks should be done. From your submitted picture, it looks like your eyes are quite symmetric and where i do see some asymmetry is on the size and shape of your eyebrows.  There may be a slightly decreased area of tarsal show on the right, but it is minimal. I would schedule a consultation with an oculofacial plastic surgeon to get a full evaluation 

Asymmetry of Eyelids

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Hi, and thanks for your inquiry. It looks like you have the NORMAL asymmetry between the eyelids, much like you and every other human on the planet, just as you have the same asymmetry between ALL body parts of which you have two. You are clearly a young person, and although you do have some asymmetry, it appears to me that it is nothing that you should do anything about. I urge caution in your quest for cosmetic improvement. Remember, you are your own worst critic. Hope this helps and good luck. 

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