How dry does silicon gel have to be before putting on clothes? (photos)

I was given biocorneum for my scar treatment. The tube says to apply thinly twice daily and let dry. But it doesn't really appear to me, no matter how thing a layer, that it's drying within 15-30 minutes. I read somewhere that people use a hair dryer so I've started doing that but it's still doesn't seem to be drying. So how dry does it have to be? Should I see a thin stiff tape-like layer on my skin? Should I switch to strips? I don't want to be applying this and have it be ineffective.

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Silicone gel

Thank you for your question. I often have my patients use this product as well and have not had issues with it not "drying." Perhaps try a very small amount. If you are still having issues be sure to bring it up with your PSĀ at your next visit. Best of luck, Dr. Kludt

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