Will I know if I damaged my breast augmentation? (Photos)

I am 5 days post op on the 4th Day i flew home I wasn't in any pain and off my meds and got clearance from my surgeon. I had lots of assistance except on my last leg where I had to lift my own bag into the overhead space, it's fairly heavy 22inch rollerboard. I felt a strain for sure about the same when I try to open a heavy door or twist the cap off my pill bottles. I'm not in any intense pain right now they are still very swollen and tender. Are there signs I'll feel or see of damage?

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Were you equal in size when you boarded that plane?

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If you were, one side is obviously larger and a hematoma would be suspected and would need to be ruled out.  If you were always that way, then not as concerning.  As for injuring the implant, its nearly impossible to do at this stage.  Without physical changes on your mound, its very unlikely you did damage to your procedure.

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Ask your surgeon

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You should check with your surgeon as only your surgeon would know the exact procedure performed and your medical history.

Post Op Breast Concern

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You will need to be seen in person to ensure that you are assessed properly and can rule out any damage.
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