Bruising after surgery to correct a capsular contracture. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hello, six days ago I had surgery to correct a capsular contracture. My doctor said he had to break up scar tissue. I have a lot of bruising. Is this normal?

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Capsulectomy can be a bloody operation, which is why many surgeons use drains. Your bruising will likely resolve in its own as long as it isn't a hematoma, so follow up closely  with your PS to monitor the situation.

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Bruising after surgery to correct a capsular contracture. Is this normal? (Photo)

Although bruising can occur after this type of surgery make sure to keep in close contact with your surgeon.  If one or both breasts seem to be getting larger or firmer you want to make sure that you do not have a hematoma. 

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Bruising after correction of capsular contracture

Thank you for your question and photos.  Yes, it is normal especially only 6 days post op.  I see all my patients one week after surgery to make sure post op healing is as expected.  Keep up your visits and continue post op instructions.

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Bruising can happen

From your photograph, without seeing the opposite side to compare to, the degree of bruising that you have is certainly commensurate with the type of surgery that you had. If that side is significantly larger than the opposite side, I would recommend that an ultrasound is done looking for an amount of blood, called hematoma that would be better off being removed. Your plastic surgeon who knows the surgery that was done and can assess the feel of the breast, is going to be your best resource for your issue. Best of luck.

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