What should I do about the bags under my eyes? Male-21 (Photos)

I am 21 years old and have some pretty serious bags under my eyes. I was curious if I was a candidate for under eye fillers or if I should get a blephastrophy. Would it be smart to get a surgery like that at my age. and how long would the results last?

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Bags under the eyes

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At this time, I would recommend HA filler to the tear trough area to alter the contour and diminish the appearance of lower eyelid bags. Also, it may improve the dark circles though this could be due to pigment in the skin. Good luck!

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Eye Bags

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Hi Teller95,

Aside from allergies or lack of sleep, which can both result in so-called "bags" or "dark circles", the other main cause is orbital fat (which is present in all people) that has begun to prolapse or sag.  Orbital fat is not like other fat in the body which can be gained or lost.  Your two main treatment option involve filler or surgery.  In your case, given your photos and young age, I would recommend using a hyaluronic acid filler to fill in the so-called "valley" (depression below the fat which is resulting in the dark shadow).  You are an excellent candidate for this.  I would recommend you have a consultation in person to better evaluate and determine the most appropriate treatment.


Dr. Paquet

Christian Paquet, MD
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Bags under eyes

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Thank you for your question! This is a very common question patients bring up. There are many factors that could affect this, including diet, amount of sleep and stress levels. Fillers can be completed in this area, but for a long term result a good skin care regime, including a Retin-A could help you reduce the appearance of under eye bags, while tightening the skin. Seeking a consultation with your Dermatologist to help find the best skin care regime that works best for you, that includes prescription for Retin-A would be my suggestion. Best of luck!

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Under eye bags

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Hey man and thanks for your question!

looking at your pics - my questions would be- are you well rested? i.e. we get bags under the eyes when we're tired etc. Do you have allergies? This also contributes to this problem. 

If neither of those are the issue then we certainly could help. 

I usually start conservatively on people your age with some filler in the area and save the bleph for a bit later when you actually get some legit pseudoherniation (what we really treat with surgery)

laser can also help ya

hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

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