Abdomen increasingly round starting at 6 or 7 weeks post op, now 9 weeks. (photo)

I was completely flat and tight with only a very little bulge in my stomach after eating till 6 weeks post op. Now my stomach bulges starting under my bra line all the way to my incision. Now more "beer belly" shape. i haven't had any sharp pains or pops. I had a nice concave pinch in my middle abd but it is not there now unless i suck my stomach in. the swelling increases during the day and my upper abdomen bulges out as soon as i eat a meal. I'm still 118.6 lbs same as pre surg. thx.

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When bulging recurs following a tummy tuck

there are only so many causes.  This could result from your sutures pulling through or dissolving excessively fast.  You may have been holding your tummy in early in your recovery as all women hold their tummies in.  You could have a fluid collection under the skin but this give a waterbed look to your tummy and is easily appreciated.  Without knowing how 'bad' you were prior to your procedure, its suggested you discuss your concerns with your surgeon as he/she knows what was done, what sutures were used and what problems may be developing.  An exam would help clarify just what may be happening.

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Pseudo bursa or loose abdominal wall

Roundness of the abdomen weeks after a previously flat tummy tuck result can be the result of:
  • fat
  • loose abdominal wall
  • pseudo bursa/seroma
Your description of increasing and decreasing roundness especially after eating is fairly indicative of loose abdominal wall.  It may be that the sutures that were placed loosened or dissolved and the abdominal wall tightening has loosened.  If this is the case a full tummy tuck revision will be needed to gain access and re-suture the abdominal wall.

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